Marlena - Warsaw, Poland

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality. And then there are those who turn one into the other” This quote applies perfectly to this stunning soul (IG @marleneitsme). Well done with your amazing gallery and photos. We can feel your positive vibe and courage for life. Thank you once again for believing and supporting our Hers Wave family <3


Oksana - Thasos, Greece

Our handmade Nice basket enjoys warm summer day with lovely Oksana (IG @oksiblue_berry) in Greece. Thank you, THANK YOU for those absolutely gorgeous photos of you. Not only you are beautiful in but also out <3 Welcome in our family and it’s a joy to have you. 


Joanna - Warsaw, Poland

Joasiu welcome in our family (IG @jk_mtk)! Thank you for taking Hers Wave Barcelona basket on your eurotrip this summer. You are looking absolutely stunning and the view is breathtaking. We are looking forward to seeing more and more every day. So happy there are so many supportive women out there. Big shout out to you and your kindness <3

Rebecca - Paris, France

The most beautiful thing about chasing the dream, is meeting amazing women like Rebecca (IG @seekinpleasure). Her style, fashion inspirations are on top of the game. If you haven’t fall in love with her account yet, you better go and check it out now. We promise she will steal your heart as she did with ours. Welcome in Hers Wave family dear! <3

Jana - Dubai, UAE

We are obsessed seeing women encourage, support and empower other women. Thank you for this beautiful (IG @withyouiwander) soul who trusted our goal and mission behind the brand. Seeing her amazing photos with Hers Wave baskets from around world make us feel we travel with her. We are looking forward seeing more every day. Keep exploring, and discovering this beautiful mother earth. And BIG Thank you for joining our family <3

Sylwia - London, UK

Welcome Sylwia ( IG @sylvia_hare ) in Hers Wave Family <3 It is a pleasure to have you from the beginning of our journey. Seeing such a young, strong and beautiful women around the world make us believe that women entirely run this world. Thank you for sharing these stunning photos with us, and we are so proud of your accomplishments. Can't be happier to call you our dear friend <3 Thank you!

Hanifa - Paris, France

We love when women support each other instead of competing with each other. We love when women are strong and fearless. But most importantly we love seeing beautiful, kind and talented women like Hanifa (IG @hanifa.sayeed) who go after their dreams despite the hardships. You go GIRL! We can't wait to see more of your amazing photos. Welcome in our family <3 So much love back to you! Thank you for believing in Hers Wave.
Alice - Taipei, Taiwan

It's been our dream to create a brand that all women around the world like and make them feel like home. We know it's just a beginning of our story and we are so grateful for every soul that joins our family. Thank you Alice (IG @wyihting) for sharing this amazing photos <3 You have just made our dreams come true. So so so happy to welcome you in Hers Wave Family! Cheers!

Grace - London, UK

Thank you Grace (IG @gracesurguy) for sharing these amazing photos with Hers Wave large Cinque Terre. You look absolutely beautiful and can't be happier to have you in our Hers Wave family. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! Sending love & kisses. Enjoy your holidays <3
Federica - Milan, Italy

Hello Federica <3 We are so happy to have you in our family - Welcome! Hers Wave Nice basket together with this pretty woman @chiccadoc creates the best combo ever! Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo with us. We are looking forward to seeing more from you & Milan

Elisabet - Barcelona, Spain
When we are approached by women like Elisabet, our goals and dreams are coming true. This beautiful, kind and smart woman from Barcelona is wearing our large Cinque Terre bag. Thank you dear for supporting and believing our dream. It's a pleasure to have you in our Hers Wave family. Please check out her lovely blog and IG @elisabetdouWe are in LOVE with her posts and feeds <3 Once again Thank You!
Marjolein - Amsterdam, Netherlands

We love traveling and exploring new places - Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. So grateful for Marjolein taking our small Cinque Terre on her travels. The photos are absolutely beautiful, please follow her passions, dreams and travels on Instagram  @marjolein.vandenbroekWe are looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for joining Hers Wave <3

Catherine - Metz, France

"One woman can make a difference but together we can rock this world" <3 Having this stunner in Hers Wave family is like a dream come true. We love to support a young, beautiful in and out women like Catherine (IG @fashionardenter). We absolutely admire her style and vibe. Please follow her profile and show some love too! 

Kathleen - Zurich, Switzerland

Waking up and seeing post like this @kath_e_lane makes our hearts melt <3 Kathleen and her lovely mom purchased Barcelona bags for upcoming spring.Not only they have trusted Hers Wave brand but they also know how is to run a small business. They have the most beautiful jewellery store "Love is"(, IG @loveisjewellery), please check them out and share some love. Mother-daughter business!!We need more of this <3 We absolutely adore their shinny pieces and mission behind their brand. Thank you and we are so happy we have gained both of you in HW family <3

Andrea - Zurich, Switzerland

OMG! This is a perfect essential setup for the upcoming spring/summer. Small Cinque Terre looks absolutely beautiful - Andrea (IG - @andreaannaxo) you are the best photo taker! Thank you sweetie for sharing some love with Hers Wave, and trusting the brand. It really means world to us  <3

Eleonore - Paris, France

This gorgeous fashonista is wearing Hers Wave Barcelona handbag on vacation in sunny Miami, FL. We are so impressed by her style, elegance, positive vibe, and kindness.She is definitely fashion risk taker, and matches her outfits effortlessly. Please follow her trends on IG - @thefridayissue “Women empowering other women.They get the psycho-social support. They become part of community” - Thank you darling for trusting us and WELCOME in family <3 

Anouchka - London, UK

Strong, fearless and brave Anouchka is another beautiful women on the mission that join our family. Doesn't she look classy in her designed outfit and Hers Wave Nice basket? We are amazed by her dream and inner calling. She just established her own brand Gold (IG- @girlsweargold & and we are so proud of her. Please show her love too and support small business & dream.Thank you love and can't wait to see your new collection <3  

Akvile - London, UK

 Stunning Akvile loves to travel, explore new places, try delicious food and play with the fashion. Handmade Barcelona bag matches perfectly her style and adventurous spirt. We couldn't be more happier to have her as a support system in our journey. Thank you dear for joining Hers Wave family and being absolutely amazing woman as you are. Please follow her life on IG - @akvilesolo

Agneta - Berlin, Germany

 For this upcoming spring our beautiful and lovely Agneta decided to purchase Small Cinque Terre with brown leather strap. That's a perfect choice to match her beautiful flowery dress or jumpsuit. We can't wait to see her with our handmade bag around Europe & world <3 Please check her story out and adventures on IG @agneta_me."Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back” - Thank you dear for believing us and our dream <3 

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